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First two Chapters of After The Sunrise.

Posted by Dale Nichols on Monday, October 17, 2011,

   Jacob Stark leaned against the deck railing holding a steaming cup of coffee in his left hand. A brisk cold breeze wiped his face and he could not think of anywhere else he would rather be at the moment. He needed the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean to remind him on just how blessed his life had become.    

  In the front pocket of his red flannel shirt was a cigar he planned to light up as soon as the sun began to rise. He awoke early every morning to watch the sunrise over the Atlanti...

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Coming soon.

Posted by Dale Nichols on Friday, October 7, 2011,
   I 'm working on the finishing touches to "After the Sunrise." In this story I wanted to explore what would happen if people discovered that their lives were surrounded by secrets, but not to harm them, but just maybe, because God did have plans for them in the future.
   I did a lot of research for this two part story and had fun discovering as I went along how everything came together after one morning "After the Sunrise."
   I enjoyed writing about these Characters so much I decided to wri...
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About Me

After twenty years of writing, making mistakes, working all hours, writing down ideas, research, community college, letting people read my drafts and getting positive and negative feedback. I decided to publish one of my stories on Kindle. I have other finished works, and if I had to describe my stories, I could only say that they're stories anyone can read. (Think of a Hallmark story, and that's one way to descibe them.) In 1991, while reading a Dean Koontz novel, I decided to try my hand at writing. I discovered it wasn't easy but never gave up and tried to learn as much as possible. I did discover it was fun and now I write all the time. Hope you like the stories?


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