The Last Chapter is my first ebook. The story came to me a year ago while I was working third shift. Hearing a woman on the radio one night describe her life story gave me the idea for part of the story. The story she told really had me wondering, what if? It turned out to be a heart warming story.
  Listining to "Coast2coast AM" helped with other parts. I like unexplained mysteries and urban legends, so my main character, Devin White, is someone whose fascinated by the supurnatural, but is also a Christian man who understands what's important in life. He writes mystery novels, and loves to tell stories at parties. A well respected man, he loves his life, his family, close friends, and a good game to watch or listen to on the radio. 
  I based the story in Huntersville NC, because of my familiarity of the once small town. I grew up not far from there and remember how the place looked and felt when I was a kid in the late seviinties and eighties. Although I made up a few of the places. They are similar to places I use to hang out in.
   This is not an action packed story, but it does tell the story of a man who gave up something, and made a decision that many men would never make.
  This being my first published novel on Kindle Amazon, I hope to get some honest feed back. I'm sure there's plenty of mistakes, so plese be nice. I edited the story about five times, myself. 
   If you like the story tell your friends.

        Thanks, Dale Nichols