My review of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is short. If you like a mystery with interesting characters, this book is for you. Lizbeth Salander and Mikael Bloomkvist will make you want to read more. Although some parts of this book are extremely Graphic, it is well worth the read. It will also make you want to visit Sweden for some reason.( Okay, so I've always wanted to visit Sweden.)
 The second book is just as good and maybe a little better. The girl who played with fire, a continuation of some of the first story, I couldn't wait to read this even more than the first. This one goes into more detail about Lizbeth Salander, and helps you understand why she is and why she is so strange. This one is a little more exciting in my opinion.
  The girl who kicked the hornets nest is good but drags some, and is very technical when it come to computers and Steig Larsson goes into more detail and mentions Sweden's political parties, but it does help with the story to understand the new characters.
  I believe if you have the time to put into these books you will not be dissatisfied. 

                                                                                                  Dale Nichols