The last Chapter has sold a few here and there and no one has given me a bad review, but when you edit your own work, you still can't put away that voice that says you do need an editor and someone who can bounce ideas off of you. At the moment I've been working my full time job so writing has been limited, and I've come to the conclusion that I will soon need an editor that I can afford and someone I can trust. My options are limited at the moment.
  Until then I'm going to continue to write more book ideas down and work on my manuscripts when I can. Hopefully soon, I can get back to my normal schedule.
  If anyone would like to give the last Chapter an honest review that would be nice. I do know I can improve and I believe my best work is eaiting to be edited and scrutnized. Please read my examples of After the sunrise and Erased.
  I hope everyone has a joyus 2012.
                                                         Dale Nichols