This is the way I felt when I decided that I wanted to be a writer.


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 Jacob Stark, the former drummer of the rock band "The Syndicate', has always had a good life and never really worried about what would happen next. When the band breaks up, he travels to Topsail island to clear his head and to decide what he will do next.

 While sitting on the Balcony of his hotel room, he sees a woman on the beach that peaks his interest from the first glance.

  Her name is Lisa and once they meet it seems they belong together.

  Seven years after they are married and have a daughter, Jacob and Lisa discover that maybe everything in life does happen for a reason. However in the process they both discover that secrets were kept from both of them.

 The story is in two parts and book two is Called "After the Rain."


Stick around and listen to Fiftywattfreighttrain--you will not be dissapointed. 


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